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Carol L. Bender, Ph.D., eRYT-500

Professional Yoga Therapist



PH: (405) 747-9826

Carol Bender (eRYT-500, Ph.D.) Registered Yoga Teacher  and Owner, Bender Yoga LLC, has been an educator and researcher for over 33 years.  She has completed over 500 hours of training in hatha yoga and is also certified to teach Integrative Yoga Therapy, where yoga tools are used to decrease stress and improve overall health and well-being. Carol has taught yoga, stress reduction, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation since 2004 in medical centers, fitness centers, corporate settings, and her own yoga studio. She has also completed extensive instruction in mindfulness from a variety of instructors including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli, Jack Kornfield, and Rick Hanson.  Her students have included beginners, highly inflexible people, athletes and sports teams, individuals recovering from illness, and seasoned yoga practitioners.  She works expecially well with individuals who have musculoskeletal pain (back, knees, shoulders), mood disorders (anxiety, depression, and chronic stress), body image issues, eating disorders, and basic inflexibility or strength issues.  Her personal mission is to help indivduals customize a yoga practice that supports their journey towards health and wellness.

Carol is an avid writer, editor, and she also delivers workshops on life transitions and change.  Her yoga practice and teaching style combine elements of mindful hatha yoga with breathing exercises designed to activate and energize the subtle energy body. 

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