Frequently Asked Questions & Comments


New to yoga? Thinking about a class.. but not sure? Read the FAQs: 

What does 'yoga' mean? The word yoga means 'union' in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India where yoga began ~4000 years ago. Union occurs when mind, body, and spirit work together to promote health, happiness, and optimism.

Will the practice of yoga conflict with my faith? Yoga is not a religion. The practice of yoga is available to everyone, regardless of faith.  Many people find that yoga deepens their faith. Others enjoy the practice simply because they feel better and stronger.

Isn't yoga just 'stretching'? Yoga is much more than stretching; it's a practice that creates balance in the body by promoting strength, flexibility, resilience, and unity.  A huge part of yoga is working with your breath, and learning how to relax your mind and body.

Isn't yoga just for fit and flexible people? Absolutely not. Anyone can practice yoga; there are entire programs for disabled individuals in wheelchairs. Even if you are not fit, flexible or strong, you can practice.  It is important to approach yoga with a noncompetitive spirit.  In yoga, we have to let go of our ego and accept that nobody is better than anyone else.  Everyone is just doing the best they can on any given day. 

What should I wear? Wear something you can move in; stretchy clothing that isn't too revealing. Don't wear really baggy clothing.  You don't need to wear shoes or socks.

What equipment do I need? Most people prefer to buy their own mat.  Yoga mats are really inexpensive ($15-20); buy a mat that is fairly thin (0.125 - 0.25 inches in thickness). Many local discount stores sell mats.

What will I learn in a beginning class? Basic breathing exercises; standing poses, simple balances, gentle twists, forward bends, and hip openers. Guided relaxations to relieve stress, insomnia, and improve mood.

Some final thoughts: Yoga teaches us to pay attention to the little things that make life more meaningful. You may find yourself standing a bit taller, sleeping a bit more soundly or even experiencing moments of peace and happiness. Anyone who continues with a regular yoga practice will become aware of small, subtle changes in their approach to life.